Jugs of water with mint & lemon as well as halls juice on each table
Hot Breakfast
Beef chipolata’s sausages | peri-peri chicken livers |Wors and onion bake | minute steak with tomato chutney| (choice of one per day)
Drop scones | pumpkin fritters in caramel sauce | flap jacks | Corn fritters | Pan cakes | Muffins | pastries | scones | savoury scones (1 choice per day )
Potato crisps | Potato rosti | Cajun wedges (choice of 1 per day )Bake beans (everyday)
Porridge: Oats (everyday), Maize meal | Matabella |creamy wheat with vanilla (choice of 1 per day)
Eggs| scrambled |boiled | eggs to order on the buffet
Omlettes bar | selection of 4 fillings per day: grated cheese, avo, diced tomato, red peppers, feta, onions, chili, capers, wilted spinach, spring onion, pepperdew& sundried tomato.
Cold Breakfast
Breadbasket: rye |health |seed loaf |cocktail rolls |white & brown (selection everyday)
Cereal selection: Weet-Bix | Corn Flakes | Jungle Oats | Tastey Wheat | Rice Crispy (choice of 2 everyday)
GSM homemade musli (everyday)
Plain Yogurt & Flavoured yogurt with honey (every day)
Seasonal fruit platter (everyday)
Cheese & tomato bowls |caprese salad with fresh basil pesto | Selection of cold meat & cheese


Sandwiches Toasted or not
Cheddar |mozzarella |cream cheese
Lettuce selection
Onion |Tomato slices| Cucumber
Brown | White | Rye | health | Seed Loaf
Ham | Chicken shavings | Tuna Mayo | Egg Mayo | Savory mince | chili loaf